Ginza"NIHONGO Clinc" 銀座日本語クリニック

日本語教室 日语教室 일본어 교실

For International Students

Office J "NIHONGO Clinic" is a Japanese language classes for international students. We provide Japanese language lessonns that suit the objectives of our students in a most effective way, supported by a teaching staff rich in experience.
#Office J "NIHONGO Clinic" は、日本在住の外国人・日本語を勉強したい海外在住の外国人のための日本語教室です。各人のニーズに応える最も効果的な方法で、経験豊富なスタッフが授業を行います。
Lesson content
Our Japanese classes suitable for various needs of students including Basic, Dayli life, Business, Qualification examination.
#日本語の基本、日常生活、ビジネス、日本語検定など様々な目的に応じた授業内容です。Office J 独自のメソッドで「生きた日本語」を身につけることができます。
※Basic Grammar and Conversation class
※Advanced Grammar and Conversation class
※Business Japanese class
※Nursing Care class
※Medical Communications class
※JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test) class


Enrollment at any time
入学随時 入学随时 입학 수시
Class for 1~15 students
Lesson Time
Mon-Sat 10:00~19:00 Negotiable
Admission Fee
Free 入学金無料 入学手续费免费 입학금 무료
Montyly Tuition Fee
学费 1个月​ 수업료 1개월
Group:\10,000~¥20,000 Prepay system #Negotiablee
Private:¥20,000~30,000 Prepay system #Negotiable
Contact Us

E-mail :

Phone : 03-6215-8521

3 min from subway Ginza Sta. / 5 min from JR Yurakucho Sta.
GinzaFugetsudo Bldg 5F, 6-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
銀座ビジネスセンター内 *situated within the Ginza Business Center